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New Zealand Engineering 1998 March


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has developed a performance test code for cogeneration and other thermal power plants. Performance Test Code on Overall Plant Performance (ASME PTC 46) provides explicit, detailed procedures to determine net plant power and heat rate for a power plant or thermal island at a set base of reference conditions. The code can be used in contracts and specifications and costs US$250. Its book code number is CO6496 and is available by emailing infocentral@asme.org.

Whessoe Varec has launched a new level-temperature-density gauge for liquified natural gas storage tanks. The new Model 1146 fully digital gauge requires a two-cable signal connection which works with a Windows NT monitoring package. The gauge offers improved sensitivity with density accurate to 0.1kg/m3, temperature to 0.01°C, and level measurement to 1 mm. The 1146 mounts directly on top of the tank's isolation valve avoiding additional retrofitting costs. The vendor estimates energy savings of US$40,000 per year per tank, plus installation benefits.

For more information http://www.whessoevarec.com

Christchurch firm GlassTech has installed a new double glazing plant to meet growing demand for double-glazed windows. The $1 million Lisec machine from Austria can produce 1,000 double glazed windows in an 8-hour shift. That is three times GlassTech's previous capacity. The machine can use most types of glass, including GlassTech's Safety+Plus brand, in windows up to 3.5 by 2.5 metres.

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